Sunday, May 19, 2013


Like wats the point uv livin wyt your girlfriend if she not on shit??. Like i feel neglected n thats a problem who the fuck really wants to get blueballs every night, teased and all of thee above??. Damn sure not me, this shit gettn real tired n imma b honest she can sleep on the couch n give me my comfortable bed back. Smh im hella sawdy n if it wasnt for this blog ide prolly be extremely upset. If a nigga frustrated u supposed tuh b my savior but this neglectful shit makin me think otherwise. You cheatn??, maybe you hidin sumethin!, should i fuck withother  people?. And it seems as if im blowing this way outta proportion but when i man needs love and u aint given imma find somebody who will smfh!! And yess i had to get out the bed walk into the living room n play call of duty and blog to exterminate the extreme madness and neglect im feelin right now................guess what!! My enternet connection jus went off so guess what? NO FUCKIN CALL OF DUTY!! IM PIISSSEEEDDDD

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tattoo intern

Lookin forward to being placed in a tattoo shop this summer. My first year of college is up n now it only goes up from here. Hopefully i get the internship and get my full license so the schools dont be on no bullshit when i tattoo in the dorm apartments. Hey if alls well ends well. Wish me luck