Wednesday, June 15, 2011


so a nigga havent posted anything in a minute not that anyone cares but i feel theres hella false ass people in life that seems to be closer to you then you think, the people you wanna call your friends never really are even thought most of you guys know this in hurd it shyt goes down 24/7.........i mean there gud company at times but never to keep i jus feel like its time for new friends....and yeah i know no one will prolly read this i jus think its only right that i jus get ALL of this off my chest more hot shyt comin soon ....recently ive been busy doing my music thing as a hobby but my so called friends only cool wyth me ( i feel deep down inside) thats all they want is my music studio but hey real shyt comes out wen u mad but this IS ALLLL MEEEEEEEE

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