Sunday, July 26, 2009

addressing some issues

1st on my list of issues dont you guys get tired of saying the word DOPE!!! every blog i go to dope this dope that frankly im strting to not like it shirly i used it and it makes me sound like a hippocrit but i take a vow not to say it again

2nd issue dont you hate wen u put a comment on someones post and it asks for the security code after you post the comment sometimes i forget to put it in idk maybe thats just me

welllllll!!! really those were the only two things on my brain at the time but if i have more issues i shirly will be posting DUECY!!!!


  1. Hey, I have to say that I don't have a problem with the Dope saying, because I don't hear it at all.
    And the security code does get on my mind...its so lame!!!
    Thanks for the follow too.

    Brittney "BlueNinJa"

  2. thanks for the love on my blog. I'm returning the favor.

  3. nice blog :] im following you ! and thnax for the advice on the tat