Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the guy me

wats up to all my bloggers im deron furr but you all can call me deron or dee im pretty good looking, i might say but ill leave that up to you guys. umm! i pretty much have hella hobbies lets seee! i play football, i draw (graffiti specifically) fashion major, fingerboard(when board) also im too big to do it for real, i rap just for fun, ooo yeah! i have my own jerkin squad called fantastic four were on hit me up! im a cool guy if you get to know me, im very unique one of a kind my style pertrays me. but its funny because my top fashionist that i look up to is diggy simmons his style is f**kin crazy, so you can pretty much say hes my younger idol well thats it. i will be postin hella blogs later about things i like, fashion you'ill see my graffiti work and so forth 1 luv

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