Tuesday, July 28, 2009


DEE tha DIFFERENT ME: July 2009: "i was just thinking about the things i go through to be here but i wonder for hours on end saying 'whats next' i have been threw so many stages but i get caught in the best of times just getting myself down. is it the people around me or is it the location in which i live that makes it harder to grow up like a normal kid....... idk still thinking...............thinking...............thinking...........thinking shit is real around here." maybe its the people i put my self with when i should be pushing them back "only true friends stand behind you" one wise person said to me and after that he got me thinking. im speaking some real sentimental shyt thats hard to get out to expose to you . MAN! when will it ever stop, my mind is racing with thoughts for the future my mom wants me to get a football scholarship but i want to seperate from all theother black men an be an entrepreneur, i want to let black people kno you can make it without being a rapper or ball player im unique, my mind carries me into things unheard of in ones mind, that true "SENTIMENTAL SHYT"

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  1. Dee, I don't even think this is sentimental...I think its just real!!!
    I too am trying to beat the statistic that has been put out for me and the people in my neighborhood.
    While everyone is just playing into it, I want to more away from it and be better...I've always been that way, an individual, never could really fit in unless they just got me like that.
    You go and follow your dreams, and you will find out who your friends are. Remember the same people you meet going up, you see them coming down..better yet, they better remember that.
    Now thats deep!!

    ~Brittney "BlueNinJa"